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Bill Status for HB563

HB563-int_2015 Todd Spay Neuter Bill

HB563_Todd_spay neuter clinics _update_05072015

Bill Status for SB123

SB123-int (Baiting deer and swine)

SB123_baiting deer swine_update_05072012_1_2

Bill Status for HB548

HB548-int_puppy mills

HB548_puppy mills_update_05072015

Bill Status for SB354

SB354-int_trapper liability only on public lands

SB354_trapper liability public property only_update_05072015_1_2

Bill Status for HB261



Bill Status for SB236

SB236-int _tethering


Bill Status for SB39

SB39-int_traveling, wildlife exhibitors

SB39_wildlife exhibitors_update_05072015

Bill Status for SB51

SB51-int_animal census

SB51_animal census_update_05072015_1_2

(For more detailed information about each bill, go to this page: http://alisondb.legislature.state.al.us/alison/SESSBillsStatus.aspx, click on ‘Bills’ in the left sidebar, click on ‘FIND STATUS OF A BILL’ button,  and then enter ‘HB___’ or ‘SB___’ then click on the ‘Get Status’ button.)

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